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Now teachers, tutors, mentors, and students can learn together. With classrooms, help your students learn everything they need to know for their next exam. Study with all the available Practice Questions from Union Test Prep by Become.

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Help your students learn, together.

Plan a course, invite your class, and help students pass their next exam.

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Anyone can sign up for an account (ad-supported) to study these free materials. Upgrade your students’ accounts to remove ads, access bonus questions, and get downloadable copies of study materials.

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Organize your students into multiple classrooms that you manage. Create as many classrooms as you need to track all of your students and courses.

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Get performance insights

Get an overview of student progress and scores for each practice test subject. See precisely where students are having trouble— whether it may be a certain subject or just particular questions.

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Access content for over 40 exams.

All available Practice Questions can be used in your assignments. Students can access any available materials while they study.

  • All exam material is written by subject matter experts who are familiar with the exams offered.
  • Get content that helps build student understanding. All Flashcards and Practice Questions include explanations for each answer.
  • Practice Test Questions, Flashcards, and Study Guides cover each subject area within the exam.
  • For additional information about these features, please see the full overview of Test Prep Features.
  • All exam content is maintained to be accurate and up-to-date content with the latest exam standards.

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Just invite your students to your classroom and their Practice Test progress becomes available to you whenever they accept your invitation to join.

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